Rotisserie chicken,
the Brussels way.

Choose your rotisserie delight and immerse yourself in our classic Brussels ambience.

Rotisse chicken,
the Brussels way.

Choose from our delicious rotisserie whilst immersing in our classic Brussels ambience.

Step into the essence of Brussels' vibrant ambience and savor the finest Belgian cuisine at Rotisse. Whether with colleagues or loved ones, we offer a warm and inviting atmosphere that feels like home and a getaway all at once.

A century old savoir-faire

Carefully selected and expertly seasoned, each bird is slow-roasted to perfection on traditional spits. The result? Juicy, tender meat infused with irresistible flavors. Experience the mastery behind our authentic rotisserie chicken.

Trusted local partners

Prioritizing locally grown produce and building strong partnerships with trusted Belgian suppliers is not just a trend for us, it's at the core of our food philosophy. By carefully selecting ingredients that come from nearby farms and collaborating with suppliers who share our passion for quality and sustainability like Hendrik Dierendonck, we ensure that every dish we serve is a true reflection of our commitment to excellence.

A warm brasserie atmosphere

Our warm atmosphere creates the perfect backdrop for cherished conversations, shared laughter, and unforgettable moments. Whether it's a casual get-together or a celebratory gathering, our ambiance sets the stage for creating cherished memories.

Do you know what a 'Kieke Fretter' is?

Brusseleers have always been called "Kiekefretters." In the early days, chicken was an abundant source of meat, making the city famous for its delightful chicken dishes. Nowhere else could you find chicken prepared in the Brussels way.

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